Add a green twist to your everyday favourites

Pizza, burger, hot wings, lasagne. We all love these mouth-watering favourites, don’t we? While you may be thinking that these classics don’t fit too well with your new-year-healthier-lifestyle resolution, we have good news for you.

By making smaller adjustments and incorporating more vegetables, you actually have every reason to keep these favourites on your everyday menu.
Here are some tips for how to make your January a liiiiittle greener. And even though, we know it can be dangerous to mess with the classics, we can ensure you that the outcome is worth trying.

Try for example the tasty cauliflower wings covered in a smoky marinade, these patties with beetroot as a replacement for the beef in your burger or how about making your pie crust out of sweet potato instead of regular pie dough.


Wraps come in many variations. In our version we have left out the flour, made the wrap out of eggs and filled it with avocado, serrano ham and a creamy white cheese spread.

You may also, try making your pizza dough in a non-wheat-version using sweet potato instead. Or how about using thin slices of courgette instead of pasta sheets in your lasagne? Believe us; it’s a definite must-try.   


Who doesn’t love carbonara? In this version, the pasta is replaced with zucchini noodles, which are really easy to make. Thankfully, the dish still has just the right creaminess and rich taste, we’ve just added some crunch and nutrition to it.  

To finish off, here is a slightly healthier version of the classic gratin. We’ve added a lot of great vegetables and used milk and white cheese instead of cream. The result: the creaminess of a classic gratin infused with a good portion of nutrients from the root vegetables.


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