everyday cooking made simple

everyday cooking made simple

lunch box and easy dinner ideas

With the end of summer quickly approaching, reality is calling. For most of us, it's time to get back to the bustle of everyday life. That typically means a little less time for creative cooking and eating out - and a little more time making lunch boxes and simple everyday dinners. While that may sound a bit sad at first, the good news is; it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of delicious recipes to be made for the busy weekdays and just as many delicious recipes to be made for the lunch boxes. And they don't have to take a whole lot of time… We're introducing a few of our absolute favourites below along with some invaluable food hacks!

First, we're serving up a brand new take on an all-time classic; the grilled cheese sandwich. As if the combination of crispy bread and a gooey, cheesy center wasn't enough, we've taken the classic to a whole new level, making a version with spinach, marinated tomato-onion mixture, mozzerella and white cheese. This twist of the classic grilled cheese sandwich is taking this recipe directly to the top of the list of our favourite lunches.

Second, we're having one of those simple, yet oh-so-tasty bowls. Inspired by the Mexican cuisine, this one comes with rice, beans, avocados, coriander, lime and queso fresco - and it takes only 30 minutes to whip together. 

8 ways to pimp your sandwich

You've surely come across a few different versions of the grilled cheese sandwich introduced above. And you've probably come across the classic ham and cheese sandwich a few (hundred) times too. But have you ever tried a sandwich with cream cheese and butter-roasted chanterelles - or a pizza sandwich? We're serving up some inspiration for how to make sandwiches that work both for the lunch boxes and the midweek-dinners.
8 ways to pimp your sandwich

everyday kitchen shortcuts

Good food doesn't have to take long to prepare. Neither does it have to be complicated. We're offering a few essential kitchen shortcuts below, enabling you to spend more time enjoying your dinner than prepping it. 

01. Sometimes it pays to cut corners. With a scissor. Use it for cutting herbs, veggies, pizzas and wraps. It's much quicker than using a knife. You're welcome. 

02. Want another tip like the one above? Try using an egg slicer for cutting mushrooms. It will give you some beautiful (and very consistent) pieces, while it saves you time in the kitchen too.    

03. Ever tried using frozen fruits in place of ice cubes? If not, it's about time. Freeze halved limes and use in whatever drink you're having. It both looks and tastes good! 

04. Not sure how to set the table for tonight? Put all your mismatched plates to work! It’s trendy and it doesn’t take long to arrange.

05. Small, bite-sized finger food just taste a liiittle better. Luckily, it's easy to make. Here’s some tips for creating tasty and crowd-pleasing finger food.

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