Valentine's Day Menu

The recipe for a kick-ass date night
Lovers, wannabe lovers, and all you people out there having someone special over for dinner this week. It’s Valentine’s Day. Smash it, devour it and add a little pop. 

We’ve stirred up some starters and mains knowing that you’re either looking for a last-minute Valentine’s menu or have the need to plan ahead. Either way, you’re sure to crush it. These recipes are badass enough to look like you’ve thought about it for weeks. Months, even. And they’re badass enough to look like you just turned bland veggies into a kickass meal in a split second. You do the storytelling. We do the recipes. So, let’s get devouring - date night menu coming up! 

FIERY Starters

Remember; it’s not faking it just because it’s fast

Here’s your rockstar alternatives to a starter. Throw in some colours and spread the good vibes with a handful of Apetina. Take your pick. There’s a match for you right here. 


Hit the kitchen, slice up the greens. Unapologetic.

Dial up your perfect date from warm to hot with these Valentine’s veggies done right. Vegetarian date night recipes? Bring it home with a handful of crumble. Pick from soft and creamy pasta, eye-catching bell peppers, tomato tatin. The night is in your hands. 

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