Hi, lovers! Valentine is coming up. And we all know what that means… Date nights! Which unfortunately comes with a bit of pressure. Whether you’re planning to impress a new crush or an old flame, creating the menu for the perfect date night can be a little… stressful. That’s why, we are offering a helping hand below. 

First thing first: Drinks! First impressions last, so you better welcome your date with some nice refreshments. Champagne might be a little cliché, but it’s a cliché that oozes of love. The same goes for the menu that we’ve put together: A few appetizers, mains and desserts that will be sure to spark romance!


Sesame crusted cheese with honey. This light appetizer has it all. Saltiness, sweetness and crunchiness. And a flavour combination that’s hard to top. Serve these lovely bites on their own or on a bed of salad. Speaking of: If you’re more in the mood for a light salad, this exotic one might be your choice. 


Pasta carbonara. What matters the most on a date night is spending time together. That’s why we’ve chosen a main that takes only 15 minutes to prepare. Also, it’s just hard to go wrong with a carbonara. If, however, you’d like to go a little more Gordon Ramsey, why not try this lobster risotto?


Blackberry and white cheese galettes. Always finish strong. Wow your date with these small rustic-looking galettes, where blackberries and salty white cheese play out the love affair. Or you may go for this delicious brownie with cream cheese topping.

Bonus info: Honey, dates, lettuce and lobster all have aphrodisiac qualities that help boost your libido, so you might want to stick to the menu above. Yep. How’s that for a date night menu?

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