Anita's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Onion

Meal: Boeuf Bourgignon

Course: Dinner

Kitchen gadget: Immersion blender

Restaurant: Nobu

Foodie city: Kuala Lumpur


Meet Anita, a well-travelled and self-taught foodie

Anita started her career as an optician and then took a certificate within administration. Although today, she works full time as a food blogger, she actually used to be a rather inexperienced chef. Despite of a big interest in food, Anita one day realized that her cooking skills left a lot to be desired. As a firm believer that practice makes perfect, she set out to change that, and her blog became a channel to document her kitchen endeavors, as she went along.

Now 8 years and a lot of recipe testing later, Anita has become quite the chef. She has gone from having to follow the step-by-step instructions of a recipe closely, to being a real foodie who simply opens the fridge and finds inspiration from whatever is at hand. Anita likes to know exactly what goes into a meal, and she finds real joy in cooking things from scratch. She is hoping to inspire people to do the same and to dare to cook new things.

Anita recently returned after a year in Malaysia, where she grew very fond of the Asian kitchen. However, she also embraces her Nordic roots and loves to make her own broth as a base for various soups and stews. The one thing she dislikes about cooking, is the mandatory cleaning, and she dreams of making room for a second dishwasher. When Anita is not in the kitchen, she enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and yoga.

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