Top five things to put on the barbecue that aren’t meat

The barbecue season is finally here! Sure, you can have a barbecue even in the winter, but it’s not until now that you can sit outside and know that it will stay pleasantly warm. When it’s time to fire up the barbecue, the first thing that most people think of is meat – if not a classic hot dog, probably a piece of meat or at least some chicken. This is why we thought we’d give you our five personal favourites for a bit of variety.


After all, real pizza is baked in a wood-fired stone oven, so the barbecue is actually an excellent place for pizza. But you do need a pizza stone, which you can buy in most places that sell barbecues and barbecue accessories. Otherwise, make your pizza just as you normally do and roll it out on floured baking parchment. When the stone is hot, you let the pizza and parchment slide down onto it. After a couple of minutes, you can try pulling out the parchment from underneath the pizza. Grill your pizza with the lid on the barbecue until it’s a lovely golden-brown colour!


We simply love halloumi! This Cypriot delicacy with its salty flavour and wonderfully squeaky sound when you chew it is perfect for the barbecue. Our top choice is a few grilled halloumi slices in a burger bun with lettuce, veg and a tasty sauce!

Corn on the cob

For us, grilled corn on the cob was quite a dry affair until we learned that you should grill them with their husks on. So make sure you buy your corn complete with husk, and soak it for around 30 minutes before you want to grill it (so that it doesn’t go up in smoke). Then put it on the barbecue for around 25 minutes and rotate it now and then. Then remove the husk and serve with a tasty herb butter and a little parmesan!

Hot dog roll with soya dog

Yep, the bread comes first in this case! Grilling sausages is quite a simple business, after all, so we think that you can take the time to bake the roll yourself. These rolls can also be baked in bulk and frozen. You can then get them out of the freezer when you need them. We promise that they’ll impress both your own taste buds and those of any guests you might have! And why not try a vegetarian sausage? There are plenty of different brands and flavours to choose from in your nearest supermarket!

Grilled whole salmon fillet with skin

Incredibly simple to make, delicious and easy to vary. If you have a nice piece of salmon, rubbing it with olive oil, grated lemon zest, salt and pepper is often tasty enough, but if you want more flavour, you can use a different marinade or rub. Don’t forget to brush the skin with a little oil so that it doesn’t get stuck on the grill.

Happy grilling and feel free to send us tips about your meat-free barbecue favourites!

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