Paneer through the year

Cheese is used throughout the calendar in many cuisines, from fresh summer salads to rib-sticking winter warmers. While you might instantly associate paneer with things hot and spicy, it’s got plenty to offer, all year round. Mild, firm and with an uncanny ability to get to know other flavours, there’s a paneer dish with your name on it, whatever the weather.


When things are starting to warm up, Apetina®Paneer can give your meals that extra burst of freshness. Put the sunshine freshness of Mediterranean flavours on the springtime menu by roasting up some vegetables. Think along the lines of courgettes, broccoli, and aubergines. Add some paneer into the mix, marinated in garlic and herbs, and you could be in an Italian piazza. Alternatively, some fried paneer cheese, judiciously dropped into a salad will give even the most bog-standard lettuce sing and complement the tart zing of tomatoes.


Served warm in winter and cold in the summer, a  vegetable tart ticks all the right boxes. Whether you prefer a veggie tart or want to use salmon or bacon, Apetina®Paneer cheese makes creating yours that much easier. Just add the paneer to your eggy mix, and you'll end up with something that gives your main ingredients that extra lift. Let's not forget that summer spice is also a welcome addition to your menu. Using Paneer cheese in your Pad Thai is a great way to level out the heat and savour the flavour.


Soups are an autumn staple, whether you like them thick and unctuous or thinner, but packed with veg. Dice and fry some paneer cheese, before sprinkling it into your soup, for those irresistible pops of milky moreishness. If you’re clinging onto the last days of summer, you can also use Apetina®Paneer as a fantastic flavour-vehicle for pesto. Whether you prefer basil, coriander or rocket, use the cheese to give it that extra creamy edge, without forsaking the punch of garlic, nuts and your herb of choice. Add it to some pasta and pull out your holiday snaps.


Winter doesn’t have to be all about stodge. Get your hands on some seasonal veg and give them a roasting. You could introduce some Apetina®Paneer to the process or fry it and add it at the end. Marinating in woodier herbs, such as thyme or rosemary, only adds to that overall feeling of comfort. You can also try your favourite stew with loads of winter vegetables and paneer instead of meat – hearty and warming with the bite of paneer bringing out the best in your veggies.

Need some more inspiration? Try our chickpea, spinach and Apetina®Paneer curry

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