Cheese across seas

Five-day meal plan around the world cuisines 


Welcome adventurers!

Summer is fast approaching and with that comes usually a bit (read: a lot) of wanderlust. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare a meal plan, which brings you to five continents in only five days. Yep, for those of you who had already booked tickets for crossing the world: you could have saved a loooot of flight time here… And for those of you who haven’t: This may just serve as inspiration for choosing your next holiday destination.


Monday calls for easy meals. For that very reason, we’re starting off our world tour with a trip to Greece, where we are serving up our take on the all-time classic Greek salad. Note: This is definitely best served with a glass of rosé and a pair of sunglasses.   


Perhaps not that big of a surprise, Tuesday’s destination reads Mexico. And the theme? Tacos. Yep. It’s taco Tuesday! Topped with refried beans, coriander, avocado, and salsa, these green tostadas will make you feel like you’re eating from one of those authentic Mexican taco stands. Buen provecho! 


Vietnam Wednesday. Probably not a real thing, but maybe it should be? This flavour-packed Vietnamese Pho makes a refreshing and light summer meal, which guarantees to send your taste buds off to the remote and exotic Vietnam.



On Thursday, we will head back towards Europe. But not without a short layover in the Middle East – the home of the fried chickpea balls. Crispy falafels, a spicy Middle Eastern-inspired salad and a creamy cheese-dip is what makes up today’s (vegetarian) meal.


The work week has come to an end. And that of course calls for a proper weekend meal. With this American classic rest assured that you won’t be going to bed hungry.


Enjoy the ride! And the meals. Bon appétit.

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