Make veg the hero with these 10 mid-week dinners

Finding the time to create quick and satisfying midweek meals can be a bit of a challenge. Using Apetina® Paneer cheese gives you the chance to turn those run-of-the-mill veggies into something that everyone will look forward to. Stuck for inspiration? Check out these ten sumptuous suggestions.


Bored of Bolognese or finding your linguini lacking? Use Apetina®Paneer cheese to think outside the box. Roast with sliced courgettes and garlic for a quick tagliatelle – or make it a bit more fancy with roasted butternut squash and small cubes of paneer inside freshly made ravioli. 


Salads? Boring? Not when you use Apetina®Paneer. Whether you’re adding roasted vegetables or fruit, such as pomegranate seeds or apricots, roasted, grilled or fried paneer can help to balance the flavours and add fantastic texture.


Paneer is amazing stir-fried. Cut into small cubes and marinade in Chinese style ingredients like soy sauce, Shaoxing wine, garlic and ginger or go Thai with fish sauce, chilli and lime. Leave for an hour or so then stir fry along with veg – broccoli, carrots, peppers and spring onions is a great combo. 


Take the stress out of making your favourite spicy curry and use Apetina®Paneer in place of your usual protein. The paneer soaks up all those delicious flavours while offering a nice toothsome bite to the dish. If you need inspiration try our butter chicken-style paneer.


Sometimes a delicious dip is all you need. Pairing the earthiness of chickpeas with paneer cheese is a refreshing twist on a sure-fire classic. Use the traditional ingredients of lemon and tahini, but with the added nuttiness of paneer cheese, you’ll get something silky-smooth, without any compromise on flavour. Dip with veg or your favourite flatbread.


Level up your veggies to make them a meal in themselves. The concept started around the 10th Century when Buddhist monks would fill their begging bowls with vegetarian meals. Why not use grilled or fried paneer cheese to elevate your humble vegetables to new heights? If you’re feeling adventurous, throw in some cooked lentils for body and some watermelon for freshness. See our paneer bowl for a great serving suggestion.


Wraps of delicious goodness, shawarmas are one of the easiest mid-week meals. Get your extra veggie vitamin boost by combining cabbage with the sweetness of dates and grilled Apetina®Paneer.


Paneer adds fantastic texture to winter vegetable stews. Roast, grill or fry, then add to your simmering veg pot – try it alongside celeriac, pumpkin, potatoes, or carrots with a healthy dose of wine and stock for flavour.


Yep! Now you can enjoy all the indulgence of a cheese-slathered burger, without having to eat meat! Slice a block of paneer lengthways and cut into patties. Dredge in flour, egg and breadcrumbs to enjoy a delicious version of its carnivorous counterpart. So easy - you can rustle it up in about 20 minutes.


Surely the ultimate mid-week treat, a pizza is something you’ll all look forward to. If you’re feeling industrious, go all-out and make the dough yourself. However, a shop-bought base will cheerfully showcase all the Mediterranean flavours of tomato, garlic, and basil. Use Apetina®Paneer cheese for a tangy alternative to mozzarella.

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