Classic Curries with Paneer

Paneer and curry go hand in hand. Although it may have originated in Persia, the cheese’s mild and moreish qualities make it the perfect addition to Indian cuisine, mellowing the heat and complementing the spices. Whether it’s the mainstay of a meal or a cooling accompaniment, paneer has been an essential ingredient in Indian cuisine for hundreds of years. Let’s take a look at three of the classics that use this versatile ingredient.

Also known as Paneer Makhani, Paneer Butter Masala is thought to have originated from Northern India. While it’s one of the milder curries, it’s also one of the more aromatic, using spices such as cinnamon, chilli powder and coriander. The addition of sugar adds sweetness to the mix, while cashews are blended up to give the gravy a creamy quality. Apetina®Paneer cheese’s nutty tang helps to prevent Paneer Butter Masala becoming too sweet, helping to cut through the sugar and spice. Its ability to hold its shape means that it's not out of place in a thick sauce. What you get are little cubes of melting moreishness that add both texture and flavour - an instant classic. Try our butter chicken-style paneer here.


Paneer Tikka Skewers are an ideal way to show off Apetina®Paneer cheese’s versatility. If you were being truly authentic, the skewers would be cooked in a tandoor oven. However, they’re equally at home under the grill or on the barbeque. The cubed cheese is first marinated in natural yoghurt, chaat masala spice mix, lemon juice, mustard oil, and a combination of fresh mint and coriander. 

Leave for between one to four hours, and the Paneer will have taken on all those tantalising flavours and is ready to cook. Thread the cubes onto skewers, with onions and peppers and pop them under the grill until the exterior starts to char. Because Paneer cheese holds its shape, these can even be cooked in a frying pan or roasted until ready.

Need more inspiration? Try our delicious chickpea, spinach and Apetina®Paneer curry.

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