Elin's favorites

Cooking ingredient: Onions

Meal: Home-made pasta

Course: Dinner

Kitchen tool: Japanese chopping knife

Restaurant: Grilleriet, Oslo

Foodie city: Copenhagen, Denmark


Meet Elin, an experimental food blogger

Elin’s love of food goes way back to when, as a little girl, she loved to surprise her mother with home-made apple pie and other treats. Professionally, she has a past as an electrician, but today she works as a social worker and mindfulness instructor.

Elin dreams of one day turning her passion for food into a living, and of publishing a cookbook. Meanwhile, she finds pleasure in constantly improving her cooking skills by always challenging herself to try out new ingredients and combinations. Her cooking is very versatile, and she throws her heart into creating food for any occasion; whether it is a 10 minute-meal or a five-course creation which has been nine hours in the making.

She loves hosting dinner parties, and often serves one of her favourite dishes from either the French or Italian kitchen. At times, she will also present her guests with an original take on a traditional Norwegian recipe. Either way, one thing is for sure: No-one leaves the table feeling anything but satisfied, as Elin always spoils her guests with dessert and cake.

Elin will be sharing her stories and recipes, starting in June.

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